For his culinary creations, Chef Christoph Lamprecht will be relying on traditional Austrian cuisine classics in autumn and winter 2022. And of course that includes the Martini Goose, which is served in ef16 from 31. Oktober until 19. of November with chestnuts, red cabbage and potato dumplings.

GOOSE MENU from 31. October until 19. November

Goose broth with dumplings, root vegetables and pieces of goose

*rilled goose liver on truffled grape risotto

Breast and leg of goose with chestnuts, potato dumplings and red cabbage with apples


Poppy sufflé with pear and cassis sorbet



3 COURSES   € 49,50

* 4 COURSES   € 58,50

And if you really want to treat your palate to a really good goose, it is best to reserve a table right away.